What is the meaning behind the name 3 Treasures Wellness?

In Chinese Medicine, the "Three Treasures" (or San Bao) refer to the three things that we see as the basis for our existence.  The three treasures are: Jing (精) , Qi (气), and Shen (神). 

Jing refers to our essence, or the basis of what we come from. 

Qi has been translated as 'energy,' 'material force, 'ether,' 'matter-energy,' 'vital force,' 'life force,' and 'vital power,'. One of the reasons that we see so many different translations for this word is that there are many different types of Qi and they serve different functions. Regardless of the translation we use, Qi carries the connotation of energy, and often of the energy that drives our bodies.

Shen refers to the mind or spirit of a person. 

It is the job of a Chinese Medical Practitioner to care for these three treasures in all of our patients. 

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